Vocal Care Products for the Vocal Professional

A hoarse voice – from fatigue, stress, vocal strain, smoke, pollution or any of the other common enemies of the vocal mechanism – can mean big trouble for a vocal professional.

Singers, actors, public speakers, educators, broadcasters, civic and business leaders all rely upon the voice as an indispensable tool in their work.

For many, smooth, comfortable, reliable vocal production is the key to their livelihood.

For many more, the voice is a source of great pleasure and satisfaction.

Voice Solutions offers a range of voice care products for vocal professionals of all kinds – and for anyone who enjoys or depends upon the ability to speak or sing smoothly and comfortably.

Every one of our voice care supplements is completely natural, formulated by leading naturopathic practitioners and produced using only the highest quality herbal and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

All are carefully quality-checked by our team of quality control technicians, to ensure you receive only pure products at the height of their potency and effectiveness.

Most importantly, though, each Voice Solutions product has passed the one test that matters most: it works.

That’s not just what we say. It’s what our many, many enthusiastic users tell us, and tell their friends and colleagues, too. Among their most common and consistent comments are:

  • Soothes strained, sore, tired vocal cords
  • Eliminates or reduces hoarseness, dry cough and other vocal troubles
  • Refreshes and restores vocal clarity
  • Deepens resonance, broadens range and improves timbre, strained by over-use or other causes
  • Strengthens the voice and protects it during continued use
  • Helps clear away phlegm and prevent its return while singing or speaking